TCV understands the prospect of new transmission has caused significant stress for some community members and landholders, particularly in these early stages of the project where there is still quite a high degree of uncertainty.

We acknowledge that the project will have a genuine impact on community members and landholders and appreciate that that these impacts may affect mental health. It is our hope to alleviate these impacts by engaging thoughtfully with the community to answer questions and seek input into the project. We will also work closely with landholders to seek to identify a location for transmission that minimises impacts.

We acknowledge that although we will do our best to mitigate impacts to mental health through the engagement process, professional support may be more useful for some community members and landholders.

We encourage anyone experiencing challenges to their own, a friend or a family member’s mental health and wellbeing to utilise the professional health and wellbeing support service engaged by TCV.

Members of the community can contact the Community Support Service to make an appointment to speak to a professional counsellor for free and confidential advice.

Please call 1300 687 327 and reference 'VNI West'.